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Outstanding service

Solid product, feel the difference massively when training at high intensity. Superb for fat loss, stacking this with MK-677 and RAD-140 next time for a bulk. Way faster results than usual from a 12 week cut and my fitness levels are through the roof. I have to say you guys have outstanding service, a loyal customer here.

Happy with results

Speedy delivery. So far so good, the MK-2866 has served me well, recovery seems a lot faster and I’m pretty sure the ‘feeling’ of Ostarine is really noticeable, makes me feel full of energy and always ready to smash the gym. Looking to stack it with something next time, happy with results.

Best product for dieting hands down!

Best product for dieting hands down! (I'm a woman, so I have limited choice when it comes to supplements...). Not much out there in terms of direct fat loss, most fat burners aren't that great but Cardarine stacked with SR9009 has given me noticeable results, I'll be using this again.

Amazing service as always and top quality products

Can’t go wrong with Cambridge SARMs and awesome fast shipping, ordered late almost 6 O’clock but emailed customer service to see if there’s any chance they could still get it out to me, and they managed to get it out to me! Amazing service as always and top quality products.

Couldn’t recommend it highly enough

I don't compete but have been taking my training seriously for about 3 years and needed that boost to take me to the next level, hit a plateau with my progress recently and wanted to lose about 20lbs after a bulking phase but I'm so impressed - my weight has barely dropped at all, yet body fat levels are much lower and seems I'm gaining a decent amount of lean mass. Excellent product, couldn't recommend it highly enough (especially if you're in your 30's and finding age is starting to battle against you!).

Thanks guys

Fantastic customer service as always, never been disappointed with the products and friendly staff. So far I’ve stuck with Cambridge Research LGD-4033 and this is my favourite product, I used Ostarine first and now half way through my second cycle, gains are coming nicely. Not going to stack anything until my third cycle next time, will probably try the RAD as they say it’s stronger than the LGD-4033, and I’ll add the MK677 in with the mix. So far so good, been gaining steady over last few weeks. Thanks guys.

Excellent products

Will start off by saying I am an experienced weight lifter for over 10 years now. I had never tried a booster before. During the first 2 weeks noticed a huge difference in my mood as well as energy. Helped me lean down and by the end of my post cycle went up 40 pounds of strength. Would recommend this product to anyone trying to put on size as well as cut excess fat. My stack was RAD-140 with epicat and MK-677, then PCT. Been a month off of both and everything has levelled out, no real loss in strength or size. Excellent products.

My mood improved dramatically

Something very interesting is how my cycle has effected my mood. For the past 20 years I suffered from depression which is treated with high dosages of medication. Within the first week of starting my cycle, my mood improved dramatically with an increase in energy and enthusiasm to the point where I have dropped my medication by 80%. What's even more interesting is that I had no withdrawal symptoms at all - something I have really struggled with in the past. It will be interesting to see what happens when I start my PCT.

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